Sunday, 25 May 2014

BERTIE: The play was FUNtastic!

We all had a great time last Monday at Yepes' Cultural Centre. Both students and teachers who saw the play share the opinion that it was fun.

PICS of the audience and Bertie at the beginning of the activity:

VIDEOS of the play and speaking activities in class about it:



- "...Bertie was dreaming, because he was very funny"  (Paola - 2ºA)

- "...the play in general was funny, because it was a comedy, but my favourite part was when José began to dance. He made me laugh a lot!" (Cristina - 2ºA)

- " the restaurant and at the market"
(Robert - 2ºA)

- "...when José and Bertie's mother get married. I loved the play. I had a great morning!"
(María - 2ºC)

- "...when José dressed up as a flamenco dancer" (Víctor - 2ºC)

- "...when Bertie discovered that Rosa was his neighbour" (Pablo- 2ºC)

- "...when Rosa danced flamenco; and my favourite character was José, because he was very funny and crazy" (Javier C.- 2ºC)

- "...when José and Mrs Britt fell in love at the restaurant"  (Eva - 2ºC)

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Next Monday we'll see Bertie at the Cultural Centre of Yepes. It is a comedy which will be performed by the company Lingua Arts Theatre.

                                               The English Department hopes you have fun!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


"What number should you ring to call an ambulance if you are in London?" "How many people live in London?" "Where does the largest European ethnic group in the US come from?" "How old is the Stonehenge?"
If you have taken part in this year's edition of The Big Challenge you have probably answered questions similar to these ones and some others which have not been so difficult.
Next Monday, 2nd of June, you will know your specific position in the competition. Will you be one of the winners? You will find out very soon. Check the results in the official website and see how well you scored  at school, province and national levels.
Thank you for participating. Do not forget that even if you do not get one of the best marks, this has been a good experience that has helped you to practise English.

Good luck to you all!  :)